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Pacifica Institute Los Angeles hosts Interreligious Council (October 9th , 2012)

To fulfill the promise of its name and mission, Pacifica Institute Los Angeles hosted IRC meeting (Interreligious Council of Southern California) on October 9th. The monthly meeting with an agenda promoting religious diversity and pluralism through collaboration features delegates of members attendance, review and evaluation of the past month, announcements of upcoming events and brainstorming along with proposals. This month’s meeting was launched with a warm welcome and introduction of Pacifica Institute by institute’s CEO Tezcan Inanlar. Inanlar, justly proud of their involvement and contribution to IRC’s cause, reviewed Pacifica Institute’s activities held over the past years and responded to the questions addressed in an inquisitive and appreciative manner as well.

Following the introduction the attendees enjoyed the mouth-watering Turkish food accompanied with an even tastier conversations and heartfelt comments on the cooking and Turkish cuisine. As it always does, the elegantly served food certainly enriched the friendship and, ultimately, full cooperation among the members.

Led by the meeting president of IRC Father Joe Scott, next was the review of last events which enabled the meeting to reflect on them questioning whether they served to the purpose. And everyone was pleased to conclude that a lot has been done for a change in the religious community in Southern California in deed, for the entire humanity. Then it was time for the next initiatives to be proposed by each member organization. Among various proposals and scheduled events , one of the highlights was Habitat for Humanity to build opportunity through affordable housing by interfaith communities’ contributions introduced by Fr. Alexie Smith. Attendees planned and agreed on how they can raise awareness on poverty and housing crisis. The rest of the agenda titles were namely, civility workshop for IRC Board, IRC social event and events publicity on Youtube. Thankfully, excitement and laughers filled the air along the discussions. Summing up the minutes, it should be noted that they were handled with enthusiastic participations in a friendly and cooperative atmosphere, which took it beyond a typical tedious meeting.

Last but not least, Pacifica Institute hosts delightedly received appreciative remarks on both the fruitful meeting and hospitality. The host team humbly accepted the hearty compliments and reaffirmed its willingness in any initiative fostering interfaith peace and understanding. In addition, as a reminder, Mr. Inanlar invited, once again, all the attendees to the upcoming Dialogue and Friendship dinner shared his growing excitement as the big day drew closer.

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