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Tuesday, 11 September 2012 00:00

Reflections on 9/11: A Night of Remembrance and Reconciliation (Sept. 11, 2012)

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Reflections on 9/11: A Night of Remembrance and Reconciliation (September 11, 2012)

World still remembers the horrific images of 9/11. Approximately 3000 people died on that unfortunate day. A lot of people hurt, a lot of them have been suffering with serious illnesses due to physical and environmental results of 9/11. Every year; the remembrance events and memorials are organized to honor those whom we lost.

Pacifica Institute-San Diego is held an event to discuss the aftermath of 9/11. San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne and San Diego State University Political Science Professor Jonathan Graubart were the key note speakers for the event.

The Chief Lansdowne emphasized on appreciating the diversity in San Diego and overall in USA. He noted that knowing each other better; understanding and having mutual respect are the keys for better society. Chief also discussed how federal government has changed since 9/11 where some of the regulations are strictly enforced.

Professor Graubart focused on effectiveness of US foreign policies in Middle East in his speech. He discussed whether policies made the region and US better, safer place to live. Bring many aspects of the world politics in to one context was very insightful and informative to hear from the professor.

There is an ultimate truth about September 11, 2001. People died, their loved ones hurt emotionally, physiologically, and spiritually, and they are still hurting. We will never forget 9/11 and new generations will come to know about it. We hope and pray that one day; people will find strength and courage in their hearts to heal from the scars and wounds of 9/11 and bring the people of the world under one roof to have peaceful life.

To the memory of those who lost, with our prayers…

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